Visible to the public Confidentiality-Preserving Control of Uplink Cellular Wireless Networks Using Hybrid ARQ

TitleConfidentiality-Preserving Control of Uplink Cellular Wireless Networks Using Hybrid ARQ
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsSarikaya, Y., Ercetin, O., Koksal, C.E.
JournalNetworking, IEEE/ACM Transactions on
KeywordsAutomatic repeat request, Base stations, Cross-layer optimization, Decoding, Heuristic algorithms, hybrid automatic repeat request (ARQ), Mutual information, physical-layer security, Uplink, wireless networks

We consider the problem of cross-layer resource allocation with information-theoretic secrecy for uplink transmissions in time-varying cellular wireless networks. Particularly, each node in an uplink cellular network injects two types of traffic, confidential and open at rates chosen in order to maximize a global utility function while keeping the data queues stable and meeting a constraint on the secrecy outage probability. The transmitting node only knows the distribution of channel gains. Our scheme is based on Hybrid Automatic Repeat Request (HARQ) transmission with incremental redundancy. We prove that our scheme achieves a utility, arbitrarily close to the maximum achievable. Numerical experiments are performed to verify the analytical results and to show the efficacy of the dynamic control algorithm.

Citation Key6844902