Visible to the public Multiple OS rotational environment an implemented Moving Target Defense

TitleMultiple OS rotational environment an implemented Moving Target Defense
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsThompson, M., Evans, N., Kisekka, V.
Conference NameResilient Control Systems (ISRCS), 2014 7th International Symposium on
Date PublishedAug
KeywordsAvailability, CORE, CORE Impact Pro, cyber-attacks mitigation, defensive strategies, Fingerprint recognition, insert, IP networks, manual penetration test, moving target defense, MTD technique, multiple OS rotational environment, Nmap, Operating systems, operating systems (computers), security, security of data, Servers, Testing

Cyber-attacks continue to pose a major threat to existing critical infrastructure. Although suggestions for defensive strategies abound, Moving Target Defense (MTD) has only recently gained attention as a possible solution for mitigating cyber-attacks. The current work proposes a MTD technique that provides enhanced security through a rotation of multiple operating systems. The MTD solution developed in this research utilizes existing technology to provide a feasible dynamic defense solution that can be deployed easily in a real networking environment. In addition, the system we developed was tested extensively for effectiveness using CORE Impact Pro (CORE), Nmap, and manual penetration tests. The test results showed that platform diversity and rotation offer improved security. In addition, the likelihood of a successful attack decreased proportionally with time between rotations.

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