Visible to the public Efficient search on encrypted data using bloom filter

TitleEfficient search on encrypted data using bloom filter
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsPal, S.K., Sardana, P., Sardana, A.
Conference NameComputing for Sustainable Global Development (INDIACom), 2014 International Conference on
Date PublishedMarch
Keywordsapproximate search, Approximate Search and Bloom Filter, Bloom filter, case sensitive search, cloud computing, cloud services, Computer science, cost reduction, cryptographic techniques, cryptography, data loss, data misuse, data structures, data theft, document decryption, document handling, efficient encrypted data search, Encrypted Search, filtering algorithms, Indexes, Information filters, information retrieval, search operations, sentence search, Servers, storage cost reduction

Efficient and secure search on encrypted data is an important problem in computer science. Users having large amount of data or information in multiple documents face problems with their storage and security. Cloud services have also become popular due to reduction in cost of storage and flexibility of use. But there is risk of data loss, misuse and theft. Reliability and security of data stored in the cloud is a matter of concern, specifically for critical applications and ones for which security and privacy of the data is important. Cryptographic techniques provide solutions for preserving the confidentiality of data but make the data unusable for many applications. In this paper we report a novel approach to securely store the data on a remote location and perform search in constant time without the need for decryption of documents. We use bloom filters to perform simple as well advanced search operations like case sensitive search, sentence search and approximate search.

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