Visible to the public Some issues regarding operating system security

TitleSome issues regarding operating system security
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsSihan Qing
Conference NameComputer and Information Science (ICIS), 2014 IEEE/ACIS 13th International Conference on
Date PublishedJune
KeywordsAbstracts, android, Android (operating system), covert channel analysis, Focusing, Information security, Laboratories, operating system security, Operating systems, secure OS design, security of data, software engineering, Standards development, Windows

Summary form only given. In this presentation, several issues regarding operating system security will be investigated. The general problems of OS security are to be addressed. We also discuss why we should consider the security aspects of the OS, and when a secure OS is needed. We delve into the topic of secure OS design as well focusing on covert channel analysis. The specific operating systems under consideration include Windows and Android.

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