Visible to the public Unified multi-critical infrastructure communication architecture

TitleUnified multi-critical infrastructure communication architecture
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsOkathe, T., Heydari, S.S., Sood, V., El-khatib, K.
Conference NameCommunications (QBSC), 2014 27th Biennial Symposium on
Date PublishedJune
Keywordscommunication model, computer network reliability, critical infrastructure, critical infrastructures, Data models, government sector, Information management, information network, information sharing, Interdependency, interdependent infrastructure nodes, Monitoring, private sector, Publish/Subscribe, quality of service, security, situational awareness, Subscriptions, unified multicritical infrastructure communication architecture

Recent events have brought to light the increasingly intertwined nature of modern infrastructures. As a result much effort is being put towards protecting these vital infrastructures without which modern society suffers dire consequences. These infrastructures, due to their intricate nature, behave in complex ways. Improving their resilience and understanding their behavior requires a collaborative effort between the private sector that operates these infrastructures and the government sector that regulates them. This collaboration in the form of information sharing requires a new type of information network whose goal is in two parts to enable infrastructure operators share status information among interdependent infrastructure nodes and also allow for the sharing of vital information concerning threats and other contingencies in the form of alerts. A communication model that meets these requirements while maintaining flexibility and scalability is presented in this paper.

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