Visible to the public Studies of Integration Readiness Levels: Case Shared Maritime Situational Awareness System

TitleStudies of Integration Readiness Levels: Case Shared Maritime Situational Awareness System
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsPirinen, R.
Conference NameIntelligence and Security Informatics Conference (JISIC), 2014 IEEE Joint
Date PublishedSept
Keywordsborder control information interactions, border control information systems, Buildings, Context, control systems, European border control domains, Finnish national border control domains, information system integration, Information systems, integration, integration readiness level metrics, integration readiness levels, Interviews, IRL metrics, maturity, Measurement, National security, operational validation, pre-operational validation, risk analysis, risk assessment, shared maritime situational awareness system, sharing mechanisms, situational awareness, surveillance, Systems engineering and theory

The research question of this study is: How Integration Readiness Level (IRL) metrics can be understood and realized in the domain of border control information systems. The study address to the IRL metrics and their definition, criteria, references, and questionnaires for validation of border control information systems in case of the shared maritime situational awareness system. The target of study is in improvements of ways for acceptance, operational validation, risk assessment, and development of sharing mechanisms and integration of information systems and border control information interactions and collaboration concepts in Finnish national and European border control domains.

Citation Key6975575