Visible to the public Vulnerability Assessment in Autonomic Networks and Services: A Survey

TitleVulnerability Assessment in Autonomic Networks and Services: A Survey
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsBarrere, M., Badonnel, R., Festor, O.
JournalCommunications Surveys Tutorials, IEEE
Date PublishedSecond
KeywordsAutonomic computing, autonomic management plane, autonomic networks, autonomic services, Autonomic systems, Business, Complexity theory, computer network security, computer security, Computers, fault tolerant computing, Monitoring, security, security attacks, security risks, vulnerability assessment, Vulnerability Management, vulnerability management process

Autonomic networks and services are exposed to a large variety of security risks. The vulnerability management process plays a crucial role for ensuring their safe configurations and preventing security attacks. We focus in this survey on the assessment of vulnerabilities in autonomic environments. In particular, we analyze current methods and techniques contributing to the discovery, the description and the detection of these vulnerabilities. We also point out important challenges that should be faced in order to fully integrate this process into the autonomic management plane.

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