Visible to the public An overview of cloud middleware services for interconnection of healthcare platforms

TitleAn overview of cloud middleware services for interconnection of healthcare platforms
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsOchian, A., Suciu, G., Fratu, O., Voicu, C., Suciu, V.
Conference NameCommunications (COMM), 2014 10th International Conference on
Date PublishedMay
KeywordsAPI, application program interfaces, Big Data, big-data analytics, Biomedical imaging, cloud, cloud architecture, cloud computing, cloud computing middleware services, cloud technologies, Computer architecture, Context, Data analysis, Data integration, data sources, delay problem, electronic health records, electronic healthcare register literature, Health Care, healthcare, healthcare platform interconnection, heterogeneous devices, IaaS, management problem, medical computing, Medical Devices, Medical services, middleware, PaaS, performance improvement, security, security of data, security problem, software architecture, software performance evaluation, Standards

Using heterogeneous clouds has been considered to improve performance of big-data analytics for healthcare platforms. However, the problem of the delay when transferring big-data over the network needs to be addressed. The purpose of this paper is to analyze and compare existing cloud computing environments (PaaS, IaaS) in order to implement middleware services. Understanding the differences and similarities between cloud technologies will help in the interconnection of healthcare platforms. The paper provides a general overview of the techniques and interfaces for cloud computing middleware services, and proposes a cloud architecture for healthcare. Cloud middleware enables heterogeneous devices to act as data sources and to integrate data from other healthcare platforms, but specific APIs need to be developed. Furthermore, security and management problems need to be addressed, given the heterogeneous nature of the communication and computing environment. The present paper fills a gap in the electronic healthcare register literature by providing an overview of cloud computing middleware services and standardized interfaces for the integration with medical devices.

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