Visible to the public Android #x0022;Health-Dr. #x0022; Application for Synchronous Information Sharing

TitleAndroid #x0022;Health-Dr. #x0022; Application for Synchronous Information Sharing
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsPotdar, M.S., Manekar, A.S., Kadu, R.D.
Conference NameCommunication Systems and Network Technologies (CSNT), 2014 Fourth International Conference on
Date PublishedApril
Keywordsaffability management, Alert mechanism, ambulatory appliances, Android (operating system), Android Health-Dr, Androids, annals management, Annotations of records, authentication, bibliography, client discovery, database transit, Databases, dispensary, doctor affability, Doctor Flexibility, e-health application, Educational institutions, electronic health records, Health-DR. Engineering, healthy environment, Insurance, Insurance acumen or actuary, insurance agent, IT environment, medical annals, Medical services, middleware, Mobile communication, mobile computing, patient affability, Patient flexibility, physician, professional authentications, synchronous information sharing, user authentication

Android "Health-DR." is innovative idea for ambulatory appliances. In rapid developing technology, we are providing "Health-DR." application for the insurance agent, dispensary, patients, physician, annals management (security) for annals. So principally, the ample of record are maintain in to the hospitals. The application just needs to be installed in the customer site with IT environment. Main purpose of our application is to provide the healthy environment to the patient. Our cream focus is on the "Health-DR." application meet to the patient regiment. For the personal use of member, we provide authentication service strategy for "Health-DR." application. Prospective strategy includes: Professional Authentications (User Authentication) by doctor to the patient, actuary and dispensary. Remote access is available to the medical annals, doctor affability and patient affability. "Health-DR." provides expertness anytime and anywhere. The application is middleware to isolate the information from affability management, client discovery and transit of database. Annotations of records are kept in the bibliography. Mainly, this paper focuses on the conversion of E-Health application with flexible surroundings.

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