Visible to the public Trust-based QoS routing algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks

TitleTrust-based QoS routing algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsJunwei Wang, Haifeng Wang
Conference NameControl and Decision Conference (2014 CCDC), The 26th Chinese
Date PublishedMay
KeywordsAlgorithm design and analysis, cluster head selection, data communication, Data Transmission, delays, energy conservation, energy control, Energy efficiency, energy efficient, information transmission, LEACH, LEACH protocol, node clusting, Packet loss, packet transmission, power control, Protocols, QoS, quality of service, Routing, routing algorithms, telecommunication control, telecommunication network routing, telecommunication power management, Trust Routing, trust-based QoS routing algorithm, Wireless sensor networks, WSN

With the rapid development of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), besides the energy efficient, Quality of Service (QoS) supported and the validity of packet transmission should be considered under some circumstances. In this paper, according to summing up LEACH protocol's advantages and defects, combining with trust evaluation mechanism, energy and QoS control, a trust-based QoS routing algorithm is put forward. Firstly, energy control and coverage scale are adopted to keep load balance in the phase of cluster head selection. Secondly, trust evaluation mechanism is designed to increase the credibility of the network in the stage of node clusting. Finally, in the period of information transmission, verification and ACK mechanism also put to guarantee validity of data transmission. In this paper, it proposes the improved protocol. The improved protocol can not only prolong nodes' life expectancy, but also increase the credibility of information transmission and reduce the packet loss. Compared to typical routing algorithms in sensor networks, this new algorithm has better performance.

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