Visible to the public 2015 Symposium and Bootcamp on the Science of Security (HotSoS) - Poster Presentations

2015 Symposium and Bootcamp on the Science of Security (HotSoS) - Poster Presentations

An Architecture Style for Android Security
Bradley Schmerl, Jeffrey Gennari and David Garlan

An Online Community to Advance Cybersecurity Science
Don Goff

Building a Security Practices Evaluation Framework
Patrick Morrison and Laurie Williams

Characterizing Configuration Complexity in Highly-Configurable Systems with Variational Call Graphs
Gabriel Ferreira, Christian Kaestner, Jurgen Pfeffer and Sven Apel

Detecting Insider Threats in Software Systems using Graph Models of Behavioral Paths
Hemank Lamba, Thomas J. Glazier, Bradley Schmerl, Jurgen Pfeffer and David Garlan

Effectiveness of a Phishing Warning in Field Settings
Weining Yang, Jing Chen, Aiping Xiong, Robert W. Proctor and Ninghui Li

Exploring Expert and Novice Mental Models of Phishing
Olga Zielinska, Allaire Welk, Christopher B. Mayhorn and Emerson Murphy-Hill

Gamifying Software Security Education and Training via Secure Coding Duels in Code Hunt
Tao Xie, Judith Bishop, Nikolai Tillmann and Jonathan de Halleux

Mismorphism: a Semiotic Model of Computer Security Circumvention
Sean Smith, Ross Koppel, Jim Blythe and Vijay Kothari

Modeling Privacy in Human Cyber-Physical Systems
Roy Dong

Optimisation of Data Collection Strategies for Model-Based Evaluation and Decision-Making
Robert Cain and Aad van Moorsel

Packer Classifier Based on PE Header Information
Qiao Jin, Jiayi Duan, Shobha Vasudevan and Michael Bailey

PREDICT: An Important Resource for the Science of Security
Charlotte O. Scheper and Susanna Cantor

Quantitative Security Metrics with Human in the Loop
Mohammad Noureddine, Ken Keefe, William H. Sanders and Masooda Bashir

Systematization of Metrics in Intrusion Detection Systems
Yufan Huang, Xiaofan He and Huaiyu Dai

Toward a Unified Security Testbed and Security Analytics Framework
Ravishankar K. Iyer, Zbigniew T. Kalbarczyk, Adam J. Slagell, Phuong M. Cao and Eric C. Badger

Towards Quantification of Firewall Policy Complexity
Haining Chen, Omar Chowdhury, Jing Chen, Ninghui Li and Robert W. Proctor