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“Singapore tackles skills gap in cyber security sector”, AsiaOne, 13 May 2015. As the Smart Nation initiative revolutionizes technology in Singapore, a lack of cyber security experts threatens progress.  To combat this, the region is looking to bring in outside experts to improve the situation as well as train more security professionals. (ID#: 15-60000) See:


“Russia and China sign cyber security pact, vow not to hack each other”, Naked Security, 11 May 2015. The Russian and Chinese governments agreed to abstain from cyber-attacks on one another. Additionally they plan to share intelligence and cyber security related resources. (ID#: 15-60001) See:


“Tea to tech: China's cybersecurity push sparks a 'gold rush'”, Reuters, 5 May 2015. China is pushing to adopt technology developed within its own borders rather than the US.  Entrepreneur Zhang Long hopes to capitalize on this with the release of his own operating system, SPGnux. (ID#: 15-60002) See:


China Security Bill Calls for Protecting ‘Cyber Sovereignty’, Bloomberg, 7 May 2015. China hopes to change over the majority of its technology currently supplied by foreign countries with their own Chinese-developed replacements. (ID#: 15-60003) See:


“Turkey’s 10-Hour Blackout Shows Threat to World Power Grids”, Bloomberg, 1 April 2015. A major power outage in Turkey raises questions about the ability of the world’s infrastructure to fend off cyber-attacks. (ID#: 15-60004) See:


“China tightens cybersecurity controls to limit foreign spying”, ZDNet, 8 May 2015. New legislation in China aims to secure their cyber-borders by forcing out foreign competition. However, some feel that China needs the best technology to improve cyber security whether it is developed inside the country or not. (ID#: 15-60005) See:


“Developing international rules of the road for cybersecurity”, ejinsight, 12 May 2015. In recent years, cyber security has worked its way up the list of international issues.  There is a growing need for more uniform cyber security conduct among the world’s governments. (ID#: 15-60006) See:


“Darktrace, The Cyber Security Startup Backed By Mike Lynch, Raises Further $18M”, TechCrunch, 17 March 2015. Cyber security startup, Darktrace, received 18 Million USD in investments. The company is at the forefront of cyber security innovation employing nontraditional methods to detect and counter threats. (ID#: 15-60007) See:


“Europay, MasterCard, Visa: A Primer”, TechCrunch, 12 May 2015. One area of cyber security that often gets overlooked is the integrity of credit cards and the subsequent fraud as a result of breaches.  The US is transitioning to new EMV technology to combat the several billions of dollars lost to fraud annually. (ID#: 15-60008) See:


“Gulf leaders want cyber-security cooperation with US”, SC Magazine UK, 13 May 2015. The Gulf Cooperation Council members hope to sign a cyber security pact with the US to help protect their countries from attacks as well as share information. (ID#: 15-60009) See:


“Police upskill officers on cyber-crime”, SC Magazine UK, 13 May 2015. UK police officers received updated training on cyber crime however the extent of the training is questionable at best. Additionally, police departments face other challenges with regards to cyber security. (ID#: 15-60010) See:


“Glasgow choir and Winchester music festival hit by 'unique' cyber-attack”, SC Magazine UK, 12 May 2015. Members of several small Wordpress sites were hit with an unconventional cyber attack.  Login information for many users was stolen, however, no further damage was done and the motive for this attack remains unclear. (ID#: 15-60011 ) See:



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