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Xiaofan He, Huaiyu Dai, Peng Ning, Rudra Dutta.  2015.  Dynamic IDS Configuration in the Presence of Intruder Type Uncertainty. IEEE Global Conference on Communications (GLOBECOM).

Intrusion detection systems (IDSs) assume increasingly importance in past decades as information systems become ubiquitous. Despite the abundance of intrusion detection algorithms developed so far, there is still no single detection algorithm or procedure that can catch all possible intrusions; also, simultaneously running all these algorithms may not be feasible for practical IDSs due to resource limitation. For these reasons, effective IDS configuration becomes crucial for real-time intrusion detection. However, the uncertainty in the intruder’s type and the (often unknown) dynamics involved with the target system pose challenges to IDS configuration. Considering these challenges, the IDS configuration problem is formulated as an incomplete information stochastic game in this work, and a new algorithm, Bayesian Nash-Q learning, that combines conventional reinforcement learning with a Bayesian type identification procedure is proposed. Numerical results show that the proposed algorithm can identify the intruder’s type with high fidelity and provide effective configuration.