Visible to the public 2nd Joint Workshop on High Confidence Medical Devices, Software, and Systems (HCMDSS) and Medical Device Plug-and-Play (MD PnP) Interoperability

April 16, 2009 | Hosted at CPSWeek in San Francisco, California

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The joint workshop on HCMDSS (High Confidence Medical Devices, Software, and Systems) and Medical Device Plug-and-Play (MD PnP) provides a forum for the presentation of research and development covering all aspects of high integrity medical devices, software, and systems, which is essential to support innovative networked medical device systems to improve safety and efficiency in health care.

The purpose of the HCMDSS/MD PnP workshop is to provide a working forum for medical device specialists, including researchers, developers, and caregivers, from clinical environments, industry, research laboratories, academia, and government with the goal of advancing science, technology, and practice to overcome crucial medical devices, software, and systems issues and challenges facing the design, manufacture, certification, and use of medical devices.


0800 - 0818 Welcome
0815 - 0915 Invited keynote address
Thomas Engel, MD (University of California, Davis)
0900 - 1000 Break
1000 - 1010 CPS Projects in the HCMDSS Domain
Insup Lee
1010 - 1035 Engineering High Confidence Medical Device Software
A. Ray, R. Jetley, P. Jones
1035 - 1100 A Tool for Designing High-Confidence Implantable BioSensor Networks for Medical Monitoring
S. Gupta
1100 - 1115 An Event Driven Framework for Assistive CPS Environments
F. Makedon, Z. Le, H. Huang, E. Becker
1115 - 1130 Safety Enhancements of Home Lift, Position, and Rehabilitation (HLPR) Chair
J. Zalewski, D. Guo, C. Csavina, J. Sweeney, R. Bostelman, K. Kirsner
1130 - 1230 Lunch
1230 - 1240 MD PnP Update
Julian Goldman
1240 - 1305 A Concept for a Medical Device Plug-and-Play Architecture Based on Web Services
S. Phölsen, S. Schlichting, M. Strähle, F. Franz, C. Werner
1305 - 1330 A Publish-Subscribe Architecture and Compnent-based Programming Model for Medical Device Coordination and Integration
A. King, S. Procter, D. Andresen, J. Hatcliff, S. Warren, W. Spees, R. Jetley, P. Jones, S. Weininger
1330 - 1355 A Modular Framework for Clinical Decision Support Systems: Medical Device Plug-and-Play is Critical
M. Williams, F. Wu, P. Kazanzides, K. Brady, J. Fackler
1355 - 1410 Standards for Physiological Data Transmission and Archiving for the Support and Service of Critical Care
J. M. Eklund and C. McGregor
1410 - 1430 Break
1430 - 1600 Panel: R&D Collaboration Opportunities in HCMDSS and MD PnP
Helen Gill (NSF)
Paul Jones (FDA)
Lui Sha (UIUC)
1600 - 1630 Break
Medical Networks
1630 - 1645 Monitoring and Diagnosis of Networked Medical Hardware and Software for the Integrated Operating Room
S. Bohn, M. Messnau, O. Burgert
1645 - 1700 Wireless Health and the Smart Phone Conundrum
J. Woodbridge, A. Nahapetian, H. Noshadi, M. Sarrafzadeh, W. Kaiser
1700 - 1715 Flexible RFID Location System Based on Artificial Neural Networks for Medical Care Facilities
H-J. Wu, Y-H. Chang, I-Ch. Lin, M-Sh. Hwang
1715 - 1725 Wrap-up
1725 - 1800 Break - Reception
1800 - 2000 Clinical Requirements Session


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San Francisco, CA