Visible to the public 1st International Workshop on Analytics for Cyber-Physical Systems

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The 1st workshop on Analytics for Cyber-Physical Systems aims to bring together researchers from academia, government and industrial research labs who are working in the area of Cyber-Physical Systems with an eye towards real world deployments. Large scale physical systems are increasingly being instrumented with various types of sensors (including human sensors). To convert this data into actionable insights, analytics is needed at each step: From signal processing of distributed sensor data, to business intelligence techniques to integrate data from various sources, and to techniques from data mining to machine learning to give us insights over this data.

Topics of Interest

The workshop welcomes contributions in any area of analytics for Cyber-Physical systems. The topics include:

  1. Signal processing of real world sensor data
  2. Scaling standard analytic algorithms to massive data
  3. Time series mining
  4. Event mining
  5. Data mining/machine learning for massive sensor data
  6. Data mining/machine learning for streaming data
  7. Identifying faults and anomalies in cyber-physical systems
  8. Application case studies that demonstrate real life deployment of cyber-physical systems
  9. Analyzing Logs for Event Detection
  10. Complex Event Processing
  11. Distributed Data Mining
  12. Mining Heterogeneous Data
  13. Transfer learning from one cyber-physical domain to another

The main motivation for this workshop stems from the increasing need for a forum to exchange ideas and recent research results, and to facilitate collaboration and dialog between academia, government, and industrial stakeholders.

We solicit high quality papers in the general areas of data analytics for large cyber-physical systems.

All submitted papers will be peer reviewed. We have identified a set of researchers who are currently active in the related research areas as potential reviewers (Click here for the preliminary list). If accepted, at least one of the authors must attend the workshop to present the work. Selected accepted papers will be recommended for submission to special issues of journals.

All accepted papers should have a maximum length of 9 pages (single-spaced, 2 column, 10 point font, and at least 1 inch margin on each side). Authors should use US Letter (8.5 in x 11 in) paper size. Papers must have an abstract with a maximum of 300 words and a keyword list with no more than 6 keywords. Authors are required to submit their papers electronically in PDF format (postscript files can be converted using standard converters) to . We would like to encourage you to prepare your paper in LaTeX2e. Papers should be formatted using the SIAM SODA macro, which is available through the SIAM website. You can access it at The filename is soda2e.all. Make sure you use the macros for SODA and Data Mining Proceedings; papers prepared using other proceedings macros will not be accepted. For Microsoft Word users, please convert your document to the PDF format. All submissions should clearly present the author information including the names of the authors, the affiliations and the emails. The submitted papers should be submitted as an email attachment to