Visible to the public Operating Room of the Future: Developing a Plug-and-Play Open Networking Standard

May 24-25, 2004 | Cambridge, Massachusetts

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This is the agenda from the first "kick off" meeting of what was initially called OR of the Future "Plug-and-Play" or "ORG PnP", and was renamed the Medical Device "Plug-and-Play" Interoperability Program or "MD PnP" to more accurately reflect the scope of the work.


0800 - 0900 Registration and Contintental Breakfast
Session I
0900 - 0910 Welcome
Julian Goldman and Ron Marchessault, Co-Chairs
0910 - 0930 Historical Overview of Equipment Standards in Healthcare
John Hedley-Whyte, MD, Havard Medical School
0930 - 0950 Symposium Objectives
Julian Goldman, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital
0950 - 1015 Control Networks
Holger Zeltwanger, CAN in Automation
1015 - 1030 FDA Perspective on Device Integration
Ann Graham, CRNA, MPH, FDA
1030 - 1055 Clinical Vision: What Will Plug-and-Play Bring to the OR of the Future?
John Howse, MD, Kaiser Permanente
1055 - 1130 Why Now?
Jeff Elton, PhD, McKinsey & Company, Inc.
1130 - 1300 Networking Lunch (Asgard Restaurant)
Session II
1315 - 1330 Federal Goals of Standardization in the OR of the Future
Ron Marchessault, MBA, U.S. Army Telemedicine & Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC)
1330 - 1350 The Business Case for ORG PnP Standardization
Blackford Middleton, MD, Brigham and Women's Hospital
1350 - 1630 Voice of Industry
Brief presentations by manufacturers
1630 - 1700 First Day Wrap-up
Julian Goldman and Jeff Elton
1800 - 2100 Reception and Dinner (Hotel@MIT)


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Cambridge, Massachusetts