Visible to the public Call for Participation for ESWEEK'15 Tutorials​

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Embedded Systems Week

Sunday , October 4th, 2015 | Amsterdam, Netherlands |

ESWEEK 2015 offers 5 extended tutorials that provide immediate value and learning for its attendees .

Tutorial 1: The Beast in Your Memory: Modern Exploitation Techniques and Defenses

Tutorial 2: Automating System-Level Design and Modeling using Meta-Modeling and Code-Generation Techniques

Tutorial 3: Unveiling the Foundations and the Practice of Measurement-based Probabilistic Timing Analysis

Tutorial 4: Design Challenges in Compute-intensive Mixed-criticality Systems: System, Platform and Application Perspectives

Tutorial 5: Parameter-Invariant Monitor Design for Cyber Physical Systems

Leading experts in the topic areas will give an in-depth introduction of the fundamental techniques and recent advances on these topics. You will also have an opportunity to do hands-on exercises in some of these tutorials. For more details, visit