Visible to the public CPS Courses and Syllabi (Past)


End User Programming of Cyber-Physical Systems
Virginia Commonwealth University | Undergraduate course

Intelligent and Scalable Systems
Lehigh University | Undergraduate course

Making Future Communities
University of North Carolina at Charlotte | Undergraduate course

Research Experiences in Information Centric Engineering (ICE)
Oklahoma State University | Undergraduate course

Secure and Privacy-Preserving Cyber-Physical Systems: Software and Hardware Approaches
Tennessee Tech | Undergraduate course

Security of Smart Things
Florida International University | Undergraduate course

Smart Computing and Communications
University of Maryland - Baltimore County

Social Sensing and Cyber-Physical Systems (CSE40437/60437)
Notre Dame University | Undergraduate/Graduate course   

Cyber-Physical Systems Design and Application (COMP_ENG 364, 464)
Northwestern University | Undergraduate/Graduate course

Internet-of-Things Sensors, Systems, and Applications (COMP_ENG 365, 465)
Northwestern University | Undergraduate/Graduate course

Embedded Systems (COMP_ENG 366, 466)
Northwestern University | Undergraduate/Graduate course

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