Visible to the public S5 - Safe & Secure Systems and Software Symposium


The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) will be hosting the next Safe and Secure Systems and Software Symposium (S5) on June 12-14, 2012 at the Hope Hotel & Conference Center, Fairborn, Ohio near Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Event registration closes June 3, 2012.

There is no registration fee to attend this symposium.

S5 will bring together industry, academia and government to collaborate on the common goal of improving the airworthiness and assurance certification process of future aerospace flight control systems with both incremental and revolutionary technological innovations in safety and security verification and validation (V&V) techniques that support maintaining cost and risk at acceptable levels. All information will be open with unlimited distribution (Distribution Statement A) to ensure the widest dissemination.

The Symposium will cover these four basic topics:

  1. Emerging V&V Tools, Techniques, and Processes for Complex Systems:  This topic involves ongoing fundamental research that may have an effect on future safety critical systems, innovations that support complex systems design, as well as advances in V&V techniques that will provide technological process change for systems airworthiness certification.
  2. Application of V&V Technologies for Real World Challenges:  This topic covers the application of specific tools, techniques, and processes to perform design time analysis, verification and validation, and dynamic monitoring of complex, real world systems. Combined with advanced modeling tools, an integrated development methodology for addressing complex control needs in a safety- and reliability- critical mission environment can be provided.
  3. Improving V&V for Mixed Criticality & Information Security: Advances in autonomy are causing systems to be driven towards increased mixed criticality and non-deterministic decision making. The V&V process for such systems is becoming increasingly cost and schedule prohibitive. This topic covers the development of V&V techniques/methods to improve current V&V processes with a focus on the design and certification of mixed criticality/information security systems.
  4. Model-Based Engineering:  Model-Based Engineering is beginning to play a much bigger role in the design process of complex systems. This topic focuses on how MBE is affecting the V&V and certification processes and highlights what new certification capabilities that designers can leverage through the use of MBE.
  5. Designing for Airworthiness Certification: Improving future system designs by incorporating safety and security as open architecture requirements, from the RTOS out to the applications software. Development of tools that could compose and configure the RTOS and middleware layers of the software implementation such that recertification can be minimized or eliminated. This type of architecture would feature the safe execution of mixed criticality software, ensure full fault tolerance and fail-safe operation, and have fully predictable run-time behavior and bounded airworthiness certification costs.
  6. Miscellaneous Topics:  This topic will be used as a collection of topics/demonstrations that do not fit in to any of the other topic areas.

Symposium Attire: Business casual/Uniform of the Day

Event Details
Hope Hotel & Confernece Center, Fairborn, Ohio