Visible to the public TQL-1 Qualification of a Model-Based Code Generator

Model-based development is of growing importance in the arena of high-integrity software, including software that is to be certified at level A under DO-178C. For the model-based approach to be practical, the tool that automatically generates source code from a model itself needs to be trusted. Under DO-178C, the process of achieving the highest level of trust in a code generation tool is call "tool qualification at level 1," or simply "TQL-1." This talk will present the innovative process chosen by AdaCore to accomplish TQL-1 qualification of its code generator for Simulink in a systematic yet cost-effective manner.

S. Tucker Taft is VP and Director of Language Research at AdaCore, a company focused on open-source tools to support the development of high-integrity software. Tucker joined AdaCore in 2011 as part of a merger with SofCheck, a company he had founded in 2002 to develop advanced static analysis technology. Prior to that Tucker was a Chief Scientist at Intermetrics, Inc. and its follow-ons for 22 years, where in 1990-1995 he led the design of Ada 95. Tucker received an A.B. Summa Cum Laude degree from Harvard University, where he has more recently taught compiler construction and programming language design.

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TQL-1 Qualification of a Model-Based Code Generator
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