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Science of Security (SoS) Newsletter (2016 - Issue 1)

Each issue of the SoS Newsletter highlights achievements in current research, as conducted by various global members of the Science of Security (SoS) community. All presented materials are open-source, and may link to the original work or web page for the respective program. The SoS Newsletter aims to showcase the great deal of exciting work going on in the security community, and hopes to serve as a portal between colleagues, research projects, and opportunities.

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  • Publications of Interest
  • Upcoming Events of Interest.

Publications of Interest

The Publications of Interest provides available abstracts and links for suggested academic and industry literature discussing specific topics and research problems in the field of SoS. Please check back regularly for new information, or sign up for the CPSVO-SoS Mailing List.

Table of Contents

Science of Security (SoS) Newsletter (2016 - Issue 1)

  • In The News
  • Publications of Interest
    • Actuator Security 2015
    • Artificial Neural Networks and Security 2015
    • Channel Coding 2015
    • Cybersecurity Education 2015
    • Flow Control Integrity 2015
    • Middleware Security 2015
    • Quantum Computing Security 2015
    • Safe Coding Guidelines 2015
    • Sandboxing 2015
    • Sandboxing for Mobile Apps 2015
    • Tamper Resistance 2015
    • Text Analytics 2015
    • Time-Frequency Analysis and Security 2015
    • Trusted Platform Modules 2015
  • Upcoming Events of Interest



Articles listed on these pages have been found on publicly available internet pages and are cited with links to those pages. Some of the information included herein has been reprinted with permission from the authors or data repositories. Direct any requests via Email to for removal of the links or modifications to specific citations. Please include the ID# of the specific citation in your correspondence.