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2016 Joint Workshop on Cyber-Physical Security and Resilience in Smart Grids (CPSR-SG2016)

at CPS week 2016

Future power systems and smart grids will include a greater Information and Communication Technology (ICT) component, in order to support future energy services. Whilst this prospect has many benefits, it also makes power systems and smart grids more vulnerable to cyber-attacks and introduces increasingly critical dependencies between the cyber and physical domain of power systems. The purpose of this workshop is to be a forum for discussion on the key challenges in ensuring the security and resilience of cyber-physical smart grids. This multi-disciplinary workshop is being held at the Cyber Physical Systems week (CSPweek 2016) and is co-organized by three major European-funded research projects in the smart grid area, namely the SALVAGE, SEGRID and SPARKS projects. The workshop will run for a full day and include a keynote speech plus regular paper presentations.

Key note:

Bart de Wijs (Head of Cyber Security at ABB b.v. from Power Grids Division) will speak about Cyber Security Landscape from a vendor's perspective.


  • Intrusion detection systems and security analytics for the smart grid
  • Resilient control of power systems
  • Security and resilience metrics for the cyber-physical smart grid
  • Privacy issues and protection schemes for the smart grid
  • (Co-)simulation and testbed environments for analyzing security and resilience
  • Cyber vulnerability detection and assessment
  • Risk analysis of cyber-attacks to smart grids
  • Security architectures for the smart grid
  • The economics of security and resilience for the smart grid
  • Regulatory and legal aspects

Workshop Chairs:

  • Anna Magdalena Kosek (DTU, Denmark)
  • Paul Smith (AIT, Austria)
  • Reinder Wolthuis (TNO, The Netherlands)

Program Committee:

  • Rohan Chabukswar, (UTRC, Ireland)
  • Mathias Ekstedt (KTH, Sweden)
  • Frank Fransen (TNO, The Netherlands)
  • Oliver Gehrke (DTU, Denmark)
  • Robert Griffin (RSA, Switzerland)
  • Lucie Langer (AIT, Austria)
  • Kieran McLaughlin (Queen's University Belfast, UK)
  • Nuno Neves (FFCUL, Portugal)
  • Eugeniusz Rosolowski (PWR, Poland)
  • Judith Rossebo (ABB, Germany)
  • Alberto Schaeffer-Filho (UFRGS, Brazil)
  • Andre Herdeiro Teixeira (TU Delft, The Netherlands)
  • Marco Tiloca (SICS, Sweden)
Event Details
Vienna, Austria