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F1/10 Autonomous Racing Competition

The F1/10 competition focuses on creating a meaningful and challenging design experience for students. The competition involves designing, building, and testing an autonomous 1/10th scale F1 race car (capable of speeds in excess of 40MPH) all while learning about perception, planning, and control for autonomous navigation. In addition to providing lectures and reading material as an online teaching kit, we will introduce an autonomous racing competition in conferences at Embedded Systems Week 2016 and Cyber Physical Systems Week.

Using the included bill of materials, you, too, can build your own autonomous car! Links and pricing at time of publication are included below. Custom mounting and sensor attachment components will become available as "kits" in coming months. These kits will be available on the website. An attempt will also be made to open source the CAD files to allow anyone with the fascilities to laser cut and 3D print their own kit components.

Detailed assembly instructions, as well as a thorough build video, are coming soon!