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Second Call for Workshop Proposals

22nd ACM International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI 2017)

St. Raphael Resort, Limassol, Cyprus | March 13-16, 2017 |


ACM IUI 2017 is the 22nd annual meeting of the intelligent interfaces community and serves as a premier international forum for reporting outstanding research and development on intelligent user interfaces.

The 22nd edition of the conference will be held in Limassol, Cyprus. Limassol (or Lemesos) is a multicultural bustling town, flanked by two ancient cities, Amathus and Kourion, and guarded by the Amathusian Aphrodite and Appolo Hylates. It is a town of great visual diversity and contrast from spectacular seafront views, historic places like the mediaeval Castle, and Byzantine churches. Along the 17 km long sandy beaches, two Marinas, world renowned 5 star hotels, and a most exciting dining, shopping, nightlife and yachting scene create a year-round vibrant lifestyle well beyond the expectations of a Mediterranean island.

ACM IUI is where the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) community meets the Artificial Intelligence (AI), with contributions from related fields such as psychology, behavioral science, cognitive science, computer graphics, design or the arts. Our focus is to improve the interaction between humans and machines, by leveraging both more traditional HCI approaches, as well as solutions that involve state-of-the art AI techniques such as machine learning, natural language processing, data mining, knowledge representation and reasoning. ACM IUI welcomes contribution from any relevant arena: academia, business, or non-profit organizations.

IUI 2017 is pleased to invite proposals for workshops to be held in conjunction with the conference. The goal of the workshops is to provide a venue for presenting research on focused topics of interest and an informal forum to discuss research questions and challenges. Workshops will be held on the first day of the conference. We invite submissions of full-day (6 hours) and half-day (3 hours) workshop proposals on any of the conference topics.

We encourage proposals for a wide range of workshops, including but not limited to:

  • "Mini-conferences" on specialized topics; such workshops may have their own paper submission and review processes.
  • "Late breaking work" meetings; such workshops usually have a lighter review process (e.g. based on abstracts only).
  • "Hands-on" workshops around a specific problem or topic that may wish to ask participants to submit a position statement.
  • "Project centric" workshops that may be closely related to the scope of an existing large scale (e.g. EU funded) project.
  • "Mini-competitions", challenges, or hack-a-thons around selected topics with individual or team participation.

Proposal Format

Note: The key to a successful workshop submission is to CONTACT THE CHAIRS WITH YOUR IDEAS (, and work together to prepare an exciting proposal!

Workshop proposals should be maximum 2 pages long and follow the formatting instructions from SIGCHI Paper Format, . Please submit your proposal by e-mail to the workshop chairs at

The proposals should be organized as follows:

  • Name and title: A one-word workshop acronym and a full title.
  • Description of workshop topic and goal: This description should discuss the relevance of the suggested topic to IUI and its interest for the IUI 2017 audience. Include a brief discussion of why and for which audience the workshop is of particular interest.
  • Organizers: Names, affiliations, emails, and web pages of the workshop organizers. This can be a single person or a group of people. Strong proposals normally include organizers who bring differing perspectives on the topic and are actively connected to the communities of potential participants. Please indicate the primary contact person and the organizers who plan to attend the workshop.
  • Previous history: List of previous workshops that were held on the topic including the conferences that hosted past workshops and the number of participants. Also please provide the list of other workshops organized by workshop organizers in the past.
  • Workshop program committee: Names and affiliation of the members of the workshop program committee that will evaluate the workshop submissions.
  • Participants: A statement saying how many participants you expect and how you plan to invite participants for the workshop. We recommend the proposal to include the names of at least 10 people who have expressed interest to participate in the workshop.
  • Workshop format: A brief description of the workshop format regarding the mix of events such as paper presentations, invited talks, panels, demonstrations, and general discussion.
  • Length: Full-day or half-day.
  • Proposal format: Workshop proposals should be maximum 2 pages long and follow the formatting instructions from SIGCHI:

Additional Guidelines

  • Workshop proposals will be reviewed and evaluated by the workshop chairs and the IUI 2017 program committee chairs.
  • Organizers: We strongly encourage the workshop organizers to attend IUI and take part in their workshop. This can make the workshops more appealing for the participants and strengthen the discussion part.
  • Workshop summary: An extended abstract (max. 3 pages) with a summary of the workshop goals and an overview of the workshop topics will be included in the ACM Digital Library for IUI 2017.
  • Workshop proceedings: At the convenience of the workshop organizers, we will arrange a joint volume of online proceedings for the workshop papers. Workshops should request the authors to submit papers in the ACM SIGCHI Paper Format.
  • Cancellation: Workshops with fewer than 10 submissions by December 23, 2016 may be cancelled. This will be done in consultation between the workshop chairs of IUI 2017 and the workshop organizers.

Additionally, we strongly encourage to have workshop organizers from different institutions and research communities, bringing different perspectives to the workshop topic. We welcome workshops with a creative structure that attracts various types of contributions and ensures rich interactions.

The organizers of accepted workshops are responsible for producing a call for participation and publicizing it, such as distributing the call to relevant newsgroups and electronic mailing lists, and especially to potential audiences from outside the IUI conference community. Workshop organizers will maintain their own web site with updated information about the workshop and the IUI 2017 web site will refer to the workshop site. The workshop organizers will coordinate the paper sollicitation, collection, and review process, and coordinate the production of the joint online proceedings with IUI 2017 workshop chairs.

Important Dates
Discuss your topic with the workshop chairs: ASAP

  • Workshop Proposals: September 16, 2016
  • Decisions Sent: October 7, 2016

** TENTATIVE dates of the review cycle **

  • Submission Deadline: December 16, 2016
  • Final go/no-go Decision: December 23, 2016
  • Camera-Ready of Workshop Summary: January 5, 2017
  • Notifications to Authors: January 23, 2017
  • Camera-Ready of Accepted Papers: February 6, 2017
  • Workshop Date: March 13, 2017

Workshops Co-Chairs

  • Shlomo Berkovsky, CSIRO, Australia
  • Bart Kninijnburg, Clemson University, USA