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Create your workspace

After you've installed ROS and the dependent packages, create a workspace using catkin. I'll use the catvehicle_ws prefix, but you can use whatever you like (and have as many of them as you like).

cd ~
mkdir -p catvehicle_ws/src
cd catvehicle_ws/src

The workspace init should succeed. You're now ready to download and extract the files you need for the simulator.

Download the packages

You can download from the CPS-VO to get a specific version as archived, or from git. First, we'll download the catvehicle package, and then another package which we need in order to make the catvehicle (kind of) safely drive around.

Download these files (obstaclestopper-x.y.z.tgz and catvehicle-x.y.z.tgz) into your Downloads directory, and then:

cd ~/catvehicle_ws/src
git clone

git clone
cd ../

You should now see the successful compile of the release, and you're ready to Launch Gazebo with the CAT Vehicle.

azcar_sim (v1)

The below deprecated tutorial is duplicated from the previous release, and will eventually be removed.

After you've extracted your .tgz file, go into that directory. I will use the directory "catvehicle" as a variable.

cd catvehicle

Many, many files will be compiled here. If you get errors in the compile process, you may be missing packages, or may not have the build essentials package installed on your machine.

Now you're ready to head to the tutorials to verify things are working.

Video demonstration