Visible to the public Revani: Revising and Verifying Normative Specifications for PrivacyConflict Detection Enabled

TitleRevani: Revising and Verifying Normative Specifications for Privacy
Publication TypeMagazine Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsOzgur Kafali, Nirav Ajmeri, Munindar P. Singh
MagazineIEEE Intelligent Systems
Date PublishedTo Appear
KeywordsDesign patterns, model checking, multiagent systems, privacy, requirements engineering, social norms, sociotechnical systems

Privacy remains a major challenge today partly because it brings together social and technical considerations. Yet, current software engineering focuses only on the technical aspects. In contrast, our approach, Revani, understands privacy from the standpoint of sociotechnical systems (STSs), with particular attention on the social elements of STSs. We specify STSs via a combination of technical mechanisms and social norms founded on accountability.

Revani provides a way to formally represent mechanisms and norms, and applies model checking to verify whether specified mechanisms and norms would satisfy the requirements of the stakeholders. Additionally, Revani provides a set of design patterns and a revision tool to update an STS specification as necessary. We demonstrate the working of Revani on a healthcare emergency use case pertaining to disasters.

Citation Keynode-26773