Visible to the public Exploring the Effects of Different Text Stimuli on Typing BehaviorConflict Detection Enabled

TitleExploring the Effects of Different Text Stimuli on Typing Behavior
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of PublicationIn Press
AuthorsIgnacio X. Dominguez, Jayant Dhawan, Robert St. Amant, David L. Roberts
Conference NameInternational Conference on Cognitive Modeling
KeywordsCPS Technologies, Leveraging the Effects of Cognitive Function on Input Device Analytics to Improve Security, Modeling

In this work we explore how different cognitive processes af- fected typing patterns through a computer game we call The Typing Game. By manipulating the players' familiarity with the words in our game through their similarity to dictionary words, and by allowing some players to replay rounds, we found that typing speed improves with familiarity with words, and also with practice, but that these are independent of the number of mistakes that are made when typing. We also found that users who had the opportunity to replay rounds exhibited different typing patterns even before replaying the rounds.

Citation KeyIXD-etal-ICCM2016a