Visible to the public Automated Synthesis of Resilient Architectures - October 2016Conflict Detection Enabled

Public Audience
Purpose: To highlight project progress. Information is generally at a higher level which is accessible to the interested public. All information contained in the report (regions 1-3) is a Government Deliverable/CDRL.

PI(s):  Ehab Al-Shaer
Researchers: Mohamed Alsaleh, Ghaith Husari



  • Resilient Architectures:  The goal of this project is to develop a formal automated reasoning framework for designing resilient architectures with provable bounds/metrics for cyber and Cyber-physical systems. This includes investigating metric-driven automated  synthesis of security counter-measures to resist and mitigate attacks for cyber and cyber-physical systems. This research work contributes to the design and verification of resilient architectures with guaranteed properties. 




  • We developed a formal model for synthesizing network resiliency configurations considering both isolation and 
    diversity measures. Our formal model takes the network topology, resiliency requirements, and business constraints 
    as inputs, and then creates cost- effective resiliency configurations satisfying the target resiliency metrics the policy constraints.