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B. G. Kim, L. T. X. Phan, I. Lee, O. Sokolsky.  2012.  A model-based I/O interface synthesis framework for the cross-platform software modeling. 2012 23rd IEEE International Symposium on Rapid System Prototyping (RSP). :16-22.
B. I. Morshed.  2017.  Impedance phlebography based pulse sensing using inductively-coupled inkjet-printed WRAP sensor. 2017 United States National Committee of URSI National Radio Science Meeting (USNC-URSI NRSM). :1-2.
B. J. White, D. J. Berg, J. Y. Kan, R. A. Marino, L. Itti, D. P. Munoz.  2017.  Superior colliculus neurons encode a visual saliency map during free viewing of natural dynamic video. Nature Communications. 8:1-9.

Models of visual attention postulate the existence of a saliency map whose function is to guide attention and gaze to the most conspicuous regions in a visual scene. Although cortical representations of saliency have been reported, there is mounting evidence for a subcortical saliency mechanism, which pre-dates the evolution of neocortex. Here, we conduct a strong test of the saliency hypothesis by comparing the output of a well-established computational saliency model with the activation of neurons in the primate superior colliculus (SC), a midbrain structure associated with attention and gaze, while monkeys watched video of natural scenes. We find that the activity of SC superficial visual-layer neurons (SCs), specifically, is well-predicted by the model. This saliency representation is unlikely to be inherited from fronto-parietal cortices, which do not project to SCs, but may be computed in SCs and relayed to other areas via tectothalamic pathways.

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