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Boddhu, Sanjay K., Botha, Hermanus V., Perseghetti, Ben M., Gallagher, John C..  2014.  Improved Control System for Analyzing and Validating Motion Controllers for Flapping Wing Vehicles. Robot Intelligence Technology and Applications 2: Results from the 2nd International Conference on Robot Intelligence Technology and Applications. :557–567.

In previous work, the viability of split-cycle constant-period frequency modulation for controlling two degrees of freedom of flapping wing micro air vehicle has been demonstrated. Though the proposed wing control system was made compact and self-sufficient to be deployed on the vehicle, it was not built for on-the-fly configurability of all the split-cycle control's parameters. Further the system had limited external communication capabilities that rendered it inappropriate for its integration into a higher level research framework to analyze and validate motion controllers in flapping vehicles. In this paper, an improved control system has been proposed that could addresses the on-the-fly configurability issue and provide an improved external communication capabilities, hence the wing control system could be seamlessly integrated in a research framework for analyzing and validating motion controllers for flapping wing vehicles.