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Anitha Murugesan, Michael W. Whalen, Sanjai Rayadurgam, Mats Per Erik Heimdahl.  2013.  Compositional verification of a medical device system. Proceedings of the 2013 {ACM} SIGAda annual conference on High integrity language technology, {HILT} 2013. :51–64.
Anitha Murugesan, Lu Feng, Mats Per Erik Heimdahl, Sanjai Rayadurgam, Michael W. Whalen, Insup Lee.  2014.  Exploring the twin peaks using probabilistic verification techniques. Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Twin Peaks of Requirements and Architecture, TwinPeaks 2014. :18–23.
Anitha Murugesan, Mats Per Erik Heimdahl, Michael W. Whalen, Sanjai Rayadurgam, John Komp, Lian Duan, BaekGyu Kim, Oleg Sokolsky, Insup Lee.  2014.  From Requirements to Code: Model Based Development of a Medical Cyber Physical System. Software Engineering in Health Care - 4th International Symposium, {FHIES} 2014, and 6th International Workshop, {SEHC} 2014. :96–112.
Dongjiang You, Sanjai Rayadurgam, Michael W. Whalen, Mats Per Erik Heimdahl, Gregory Gay.  2015.  Efficient observability-based test generation by dynamic symbolic execution. 26th {IEEE} International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering, {ISSRE} 2015. :228–238.