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Masashi Wakaiki, Kunihisa Okano, João Pedro Hespanha.  2015.  Control under Clock Offsets and Actuator Saturation. Proc. of the 54th Conf. on Decision and Contr..
Kunihisa Okano, Masashi Wakaiki, João Pedro Hespanha.  2015.  Real-time Control under Clock Offsets between Sensors and Controllers. Proc. of the 18th Int. Conf. on Hybrid Systems: Computation and Control (HSCC 2015)" month = "Apr..
Masashi Wakaiki, Masaki Ogura, João Pedro Hespanha.  2016.  Robust Stability under Asynchronous Sensing and Control. Proc. of the 55th Conf. on Decision and Contr..
Andrew R. Teel, João P. Hespanha.  2015.  Stochastic hybrid systems: a modeling and stability theory tutorial. Proc. of the 54th Conf. on Decision and Contr..
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