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Liu, Chao, Gong, Yongqiang, Laflamme, Simon, Phares, Brent, Sarkar, Soumik.  2016.  Damage Detection of Bridge Network With Spatiotemporal Pattern Network. ASME 2016 Dynamic Systems and Control Conference. :V001T12A003–V001T12A003.
Cherry, E. M., Cairns, D. I., Holt, N., LaVigne, N. S., Fenton, F. H., Hoffman, M. J..  2017.  Data assimilation for cardiac electrical dynamics. Proceedings of the 5th {International} {Conference} on {Computational} and {Mathematical} {Biomedical} {Engineering}.
J. Duan, M. Y. Chow.  2017.  Data Integrity Attack on Consensus-based Distributed Energy Management Algorithm. 2017 IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting (PESGM). :1-5.
J. Duan, M. Y. Chow.  2017.  Data Integrity Attack on Consensus-based Load Shedding Algorithm for Power Systems. IECON 2017 - 43nd Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society. :1-6.
Park, Yongjoo, Tajik, Ahmad Shahab, Cafarella, Michael, Mozafari, Barzan.  2017.  Database learning: Toward a database that becomes smarter every time. Proceedings of the ACM International Conference on Management of Data. :587–602.
Chen, Sanjian, Feng, Lu, Rickels, Michael R., Peleckis, Amy, Sokolsky, Oleg, Lee, Insup.  2015.  A Data-Driven Behavior Modeling and Analysis Framework for Diabetic Patients on Insulin Pumps. Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Healthcare Informatics. :213–222.
F. Miao, S. Han, A. M. Hendawi, M. E. Khalefa, J. A. Stankovic, G. J. Pappas.  2017.  Data-Driven Distributionally Robust Vehicle Balancing Using Dynamic Region Partitions. 2017 ACM/IEEE 8th International Conference on Cyber-Physical Systems (ICCPS). :261-272.
Jing Zhang, Ioannis Ch. Paschalidis.  2017.  Data-Driven Estimation of Travel Latency Cost Functions via Inverse Optimization in Multi-Class Transportation Networks. Proceedings of IEEE 56th Conference on Decision and Control (CDC) (to appear), arXiv:1703.04010.
Wu, Guojun, Ding, Yichen, Li, Yanhua, Luo, Jun, Zhang, Fan, Fu, Jie.  2017.  Data-driven inverse learning of passenger preferences in urban public transits. The 56th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC 2017). :1–6.
Ghosal, Sambuddha, Liu, Chao, Passe, Ulrike, He, Shan, Sarkar, Soumik.  2016.  Data-driven persistent monitoring of Indoor Air Systems. Proceedings of the ASHRAE IAQ 2016 Defining Indoor Air Quality: Policy, Standards and Best Practices.
F. Miao, S. Han, S. Lin, J. Stankovic, Q. Wang, D. Zhang, T. He, G. J. Pappas.  2016.  Data-Driven Robust Taxi Dispatch Approaches. 2016 ACM/IEEE 7th International Conference on Cyber-Physical Systems (ICCPS). :1-1.
Liu, C., Lore, K. G., Sarkar, S..  2017.  Data-driven root-cause analysis for distributed system anomalies. Proceedings of IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, (Melbourne, Australia).
Y. Li, R.G.Sanfelice.  2016.  A Decentralized Consensus Algorithm for Distributed State Observers with Robustness Guarantees. Proceedings of the American Control Conference. :1876–1881.