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A. Yogarathinam, N. R. Chaudhuri.  2016.  An approach for wide-area damping control using multiple DFIG-based wind farm to deal with communication dropouts. 2016 IEEE Power Energy Society Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference (ISGT). :1-5.
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Abraham Vinod, Baisravan HomChaudhuri, Meeko Oishi.  2017.  Forward stochastic reachability analysis for uncontrolled linear systems using Fourier transforms. Hybrid Systems: Computation and Control. :35–44.

\textbf{Best Student Paper Award}

Adam Case, Jack H. Lutz, Donald M. Stull.  2016.  Reachability Problems for Continuous Chemical Reaction Networks. Unconventional Computation and Natural Computation - 15th International Conference, {UCNC} 2016, Manchester, UK, July 11-15, 2016, Proceedings. :1–10.
Adel Dokhanchi, Shakiba Yaghoubi, Bardh Hoxha, Georgios Fainekos.  2017.  Vacuity Aware Falsification for MTL Request-Response Specifications. IEEE International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering.
Adel Dokhanchi, Bardh Hoxha, Cumhur Erkan Tuncali, Georgios Fainekos.  2016.  An efficient algorithm for monitoring practical TPTL specifications. 14th ACM-IEEE International Conference on Formal Methods and Models for System Design. :184-193.