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TitleSigPID: Significant Permission Identification for Android Malware Detection
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsLichao Sun, Zhiqiang Li, Qiben Yan, Witawas Srisa-an, Yu Pan
Conference Name11th International Conference on Malicious and Unwanted Software (MALCON 2016)
Date Published10/216
Conference LocationPuerto Rico
KeywordsCMU, Jan'17

A recent report indicates that a newly developed mali- cious app for Android is introduced every 11 seconds. To combat this alarming rate of malware creation, we need a scalable malware detection approach that is effective and efficient. In this paper, we introduce SIGPID, a malware detection system based on permission analysis to cope with the rapid increase in the number of Android malware. In- stead of analyzing all 135 Android permissions, our ap- proach applies 3-level pruning by mining the permission data to identify only significant permissions that can be ef- fective in distinguishing benign and malicious apps. SIG- PID then utilizes classification algorithms to classify differ- ent families of malware and benign apps. Our evaluation finds that only 22 out of 135 permissions are significant. We then compare the performance of our approach, using only

22 permissions, against a baseline approach that analyzes all permissions. The results indicate that when Support Vec- tor Machine (SVM) is used as the classifier, we can achieve over 90% of precision, recall, accuracy, and F-measure, which are about the same as those produced by the base- line approach while incurring the analysis times that are 4 to 32 times smaller that those of using all 135 permissions. When we compare the detection effectiveness of SIGPID to those of other approaches, SIGPID can detect 93.62% of malware in the data set, and 91.4% unknown malware.

Citation Keynode-30365

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