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TitleConVenus: Congestion Verification of Network Updates in Software-defined Networks
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsXin Liu, Illinois Institute of Technology, Dong Jin, Illinois Institute of Technology, Cheol Won Lee, National Research Institute, South Korea, Jong Cheol Moon, National Research Institute, South Korea
Conference NameWinter Simulation Conference (WSC)
Date Published12/2016
Conference LocationWashington, DC
KeywordsA Hypothesis Testing Framework for Network Security, science of security, Software-Defined Networks, UIUC

We present ConVenus, a system that performs rapid congestion verification of network updates in softwaredefined networks. ConVenus is a lightweight middleware between the SDN controller and network devices, and is capable to intercept flow updates from the controller and verify whether the amount of traffic in any links and switches exceeds the desired capacity. To enable online verification, ConVenus dynamically identifies the minimum set of flows and switches that are affected by each flow update, and creates a compact network model. ConVenus uses a four-phase simulation algorithm to quickly compute the throughput of every flow in the network model and report network congestion. The experimental results demonstrate that ConVenus manages to verify 90% of the updates in a network consisting of over 500 hosts and 80 switches within 5 milliseconds.

Citation Keynode-31574

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Convenus Congestrion Verification of Network Updates in Software-defined Networks