Visible to the public SoS Poster for CPSWeek and HCSS 2012

SoS poster displayed at CPSWeek and the 2012 HCSS Conference.

Abstract used for the 2012 HCSS Conferece:

While certain subfields of security have a strong scientific basis (e.g., cryptography, formal methods), there is no comprehensive scientific basis for constructing systems that are trustworthy by design. This lack of a disciplined and rigorous scientific basis profoundly limits our ability to design, deploy, and trust most large-scale and cyber-physical systems (CPS). A foundational science of security is needed now. To this end, the Science of Security Group will provide a virtual organization for community awareness, collaboration, and information all directed toward the maturing of the scientific basis for security.

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SoS Poster for CPSWeek and HCSS 2012