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FORCES Newsletters

The Foundations Of Resilient CybEr-physical Systems (FORCES) project invites you to read our quarterly newsletter. Each issue summarizes research at the project's partner universities that explores the resilience of large-scale networked cyber-physical systems. Click on the links below to view the latest issue (as well as all previous issues) in your browser or to download PDF versions.

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FORCES Newsletter - Summer 2017

IN THIS ISSUE: Examining urban traffic and routing applications at Berkeley; hardware-in-the-loop testbed at Vanderbilt; exploring bi-directional engagement, applications and partnerships that extend beyond FORCES; statistical modeling of aircraft fuel burn at MIT.
Download a PDF of this issue here.

FORCES Newsletter - Spring 2017

IN THIS ISSUE: Unmanned aerial systems traffic management at Berkeley; Vanderbilt researchers refine tools for assessing vulnerabilities in water networks; studying a dynamic mechanism design problem at Michigan; an examination of clustering algorithms for air traffic delay network data from researchers at MIT.
Download a PDF of this issue here.

FORCES Newsletter - Fall 2016

IN THIS ISSUE: Dynamic market design for wind energy from researchers at Michigan; a group from Berkeley and the University of Washington consider privacy-differentiated energy programs and service models; and energy markets for electric vehicles examined at Michigan. Also, a commentary from FORCES Industrial Advisory Board member Ms. Karen Fireman, who provides a unique analysis and history of recent boom and bust activity in oil energy markets.
Download a PDF of this issue here.

FORCES Newsletter - Summer 2016

IN THIS ISSUE: Examining routing games to model the congestion phenomena and dynamics in transportation and communication networks from Berkeley; a study of electrical load aggregation at Michigan; and implementing a scalable approach to dynamic cyber security in the presence of non-probabilistic uncertainty at Michigan. Also, an article on privacy in CPS by FORCES Industrial Advisory Board member Dr. Shaunak Bopardikar, Staff Research Scientist at United Technologies Research Center.
Download a PDF of this issue here.

FORCES Newsletter - Spring 2016

IN THIS ISSUE: A study of sustainable and resilient urban water systems at MIT; an exploration of securing electrical grids at Michigan; collaborative work on a game-theoretic model of stealthy attacks and intrusion detection in distributed systems; and a secure state estimator for nonlinear power systems by Berkeley researchers. Also, an article about threat-based approaches for cyber-physical resilience by FORCES Industrial Advisory Board members Dr. Hamed Okhravi and Dr. Bill Streilein at MIT Lincoln Laboratory.
Download a PDF of this issue here.

FORCES Newsletter - Winter 2015

IN THIS ISSUE: Berkeley researchers explore the vulnerability of Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) systems such as ride-sharing services; Michigan researchers work to increase efficiency in smart grid energy systems; and Vanderbilt researchers use a Resilient Cyber-Physical Systems testbed for experiments on CPS systems. Also, a viewpoint about secure connectivity from Mr. Matt Wakefield, a member of the FORCES Industrial Advisory Board and Director of Information, Communication, and Cyber Security at EPRI.
Download a PDF of this issue here.

FORCES Newsletter - Fall 2015

IN THIS ISSUE: Resilient monitoring of large-scale cyberphysical systems by researchers at Vanderbilt; responding to changes in electricity markets from researchers at Michigan; and how to manage urban traffic using work as outlined by researchers at Berkeley.
Download a PDF of this issue here.