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Title"Secure communication using TPC and chaotic encryption"
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsT. S. Chaware, B. K. Mishra
Conference Name2015 International Conference on Information Processing (ICIP)
Date PublishedDec
KeywordsBER, Bit error rate, channel encoding, channel encoding techniques, chaos, chaotic encryption, cryptography, Decoding, DWT, encoding, Encryption, logistic map, Product codes, pubcrawl170102, radio networks, secure communication, TPC, turbo codes, turbo product code, wireless communication system

Compression, encryption, encoding and modulation at the transmitter side and reverse process at the receiver side are the major processes in any wireless communication system. All these steps were carried out separately before. But, in 1978 R. J. McEliece had proposed the concept of combining security and channel encoding techniques together. Many schemes are proposed by different researchers for this combine approach. Sharing the information securely, but at the same time maintaining acceptable bit error rate in such combine system is difficult. In this paper, a new technique for robust and secure wireless transmission of image combining Turbo Product Code (TPC) with chaotic encryption is proposed. Logistic map is used for chaotic encryption and TPC for channel encoding. Simulation results for this combined system are analyzed and it shows that TPC and chaotic combination gives secure transmission with acceptable data rate.

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