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Title"Real time secure end to end communication over GSM network"
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsA. Chouhan, S. Singh
Conference Name2015 International Conference on Energy Systems and Applications
Date PublishedOct
ISBN Number978-1-4673-6817-9
Accession Number16124360
Keywordscellular radio, Codecs, cryptography, decoding algorithm, decryption, digital techniques, Encryption, GSM, GSM network, GSM speech channel, Mobile communication, Mobile handsets, mobile phones, Modem, pubcrawl170102, real time secure end to end communication, Speech, speech trans-coding process, transcoding

GSM network is the most widely used communication network for mobile phones in the World. However the security of the voice communication is the main issue in the GSM network. This paper proposes the technique for secure end to end communication over GSM network. The voice signal is encrypted at real time using digital techniques and transmitted over the GSM network. At receiver end the same decoding algorithm is used to extract the original speech signal. The speech trans-coding process of the GSM, severely distort an encrypted signal that does not possess the characteristics of speech signal. Therefore, it is not possible to use standard modem techniques over the GSM speech channel. The user may choose an appropriate algorithm and hardware platform as per requirement.

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