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Title"VLSI implementation of BER measurement for wireless communication system"
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsR. Saravanan, V. Saminadan, V. Thirunavukkarasu
Conference Name2015 International Conference on Innovations in Information, Embedded and Communication Systems (ICIIECS)
Date PublishedMarch
ISBN Number978-1-4799-6818-3
Accession Number15380913
KeywordsBER, BER measurement communication system, Bit error rate, Crypto-System, cryptography, cryptosystem with embedded error control, CSEEC, data reliability, Data security, Data Transmission, Encryption, error statistics, fading channel, fading channels, FEC codes, forward error correction, forward error correction codes, MIMO communication, MIMO receiver, MIMO transmitter, pubcrawl170102, radio receivers, radio transmitters, Receivers, symmetric encryption algorithm, telecommunication control, Very large scale integration, VLSI, VLSI implementation, Wireless communication, wireless communication system

This paper presents the Bit Error Rate (BER) performance of the wireless communication system. The complexity of modern wireless communication system are increasing at fast pace. It becomes challenging to design the hardware of wireless system. The proposed system consists of MIMO transmitter and MIMO receiver along with the along with a realistic fading channel. To make the data transmission more secure when the data are passed into channel Crypto-System with Embedded Error Control (CSEEC) is used. The system supports data security and reliability using forward error correction codes (FEC). Security is provided through the use of a new symmetric encryption algorithm, and reliability is provided by the use of FEC codes. The system aims at speeding up the encryption and encoding operations and reduces the hardware dedicated to each of these operations. The proposed system allows users to achieve more security and reliable communication. The proposed BER measurement communication system consumes low power compared to existing systems. Advantage of VLSI based BER measurement it that they can be used in the Real time applications and it provides single chip solution.

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