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Title"Quadrature compressive sampling of multiband radar signals at sub-Landau rate"
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsS. Chen, F. Xi, Z. Liu, B. Bao
Conference Name2015 IEEE International Conference on Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
Date PublishedJuly
ISBN Number978-1-4799-8058-1
Accession Number15452061
Keywordsanalog-to-information conversion, Band-pass filters, Bandwidth, Baseband, baseband components, compressed sensing, compressive inphase and quadrature components, compressive measurements, compressive multiband signal, compressive sampling, Demodulation, Dictionaries, Landau-rate, MQCS system, multiband quadrature compressive sampling system, multiband radar signal, multiband radar signals, multifunction radar, Noise, pubcrawl170104, quadrature sampling, Radar, radar signal processing, subLandau rate

Sampling multiband radar signals is an essential issue of multiband/multifunction radar. This paper proposes a multiband quadrature compressive sampling (MQCS) system to perform the sampling at sub-Landau rate. The MQCS system randomly projects the multiband signal into a compressive multiband one by modulating each subband signal with a low-pass signal and then samples the compressive multiband signal at Landau-rate with output of compressive measurements. The compressive inphase and quadrature (I/Q) components of each subband are extracted from the compressive measurements respectively and are exploited to recover the baseband I/Q components. As effective bandwidth of the compressive multiband signal is much less than that of the received multiband one, the sampling rate is much less than Landau rate of the received signal. Simulation results validate that the proposed MQCS system can effectively acquire and reconstruct the baseband I/Q components of the multiband signals.

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