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Title"A Mutual Authentication Security RFID Protocol Based on Time Stamp"
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsC. Zhang, W. Zhang, H. Mu
Conference Name2015 First International Conference on Computational Intelligence Theory, Systems and Applications (CCITSA)
Date PublishedDec. 2015
ISBN Number 978-1-4673-8600-5
Accession Number 16022325
Keywordsauthentication, cryptographic protocols, Databases, Encryption, file organisation, Hash Function, mutual authentication, mutual authentication security RFID protocol, privacy, privacy security, PRNG, Protocols, pubcrawl170105 radiofrequency identification, RFID, RFID technology, security authentication protocol, security of data, time stamp, time stamps

In the RFID technology, the privacy of low-cost tag is a hot issue in recent years. A new mutual authentication protocol is achieved with the time stamps, hash function and PRNG. This paper analyzes some common attack against RFID and the relevant solutions. We also make the security performance comparison with original security authentication protocol. This protocol can not only speed up the proof procedure but also save cost and it can prevent the RFID system from being attacked by replay, clone and DOS, etc..

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