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Title"Pattern classification under attack on spam filtering"
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsK. Pawar, M. Patil
Conference Name2015 IEEE International Conference on Research in Computational Intelligence and Communication Networks (ICRCICN)
Date PublishedNov
ISBN Number 978-1-4673-6735-6
Accession Number15855789
Keywordsadversarial attacks, adversarial classification, Classification algorithms, Electronic mail, Filtering, filtering algorithms, pattern classification, pattern classification system, privacy, pubcrawl, pubcrawl170105, security, security evaluation, security issues, security of data, spam attack scenario, spam email security evaluation, spam filtering, unsolicited e-mail

Spam Filtering is an adversary application in which data can be purposely employed by humans to attenuate their operation. Statistical spam filters are manifest to be vulnerable to adversarial attacks. To evaluate security issues related to spam filtering numerous machine learning systems are used. For adversary applications some Pattern classification systems are ordinarily used, since these systems are based on classical theory and design approaches do not take into account adversarial settings. Pattern classification system display vulnerabilities (i.e. a weakness that grants an attacker to reduce assurance on system's information) to several potential attacks, allowing adversaries to attenuate their effectiveness. In this paper, security evaluation of spam email using pattern classifier during an attack is addressed which degrade the performance of the system. Additionally a model of the adversary is used that allows defining spam attack scenario.

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