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Title"Mapping Security Requirements to Identify Critical Security Areas of Focus in PaaS Cloud Models"
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsA. Akinbi, E. Pereira
Conference Name2015 IEEE International Conference on Computer and Information Technology; Ubiquitous Computing and Communications; Dependable, Autonomic and Secure Computing; Pervasive Intelligence and Computing
Date PublishedOct. 2015
ISBN Number978-1-5090-0154-5
Accession Number 15681554
KeywordsAccess Control, adaptive security mapping matrix, authentication, cloud computing, Computational modeling, Computer architecture, critical security area identification, data privacy, Encryption, matrix algebra, PaaS cloud architectures, PaaS cloud models, Platform-as-a-Service, platform-as-a-service cloud models, privacy concern, pubcrawl, science of security, security, security concern, Security Mappinng, security of data, security requirement mapping, service level objectives, software architecture

Information Technology experts cite security and privacy concerns as the major challenges in the adoption of cloud computing. On Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) clouds, customers are faced with challenges of selecting service providers and evaluating security implementations based on their security needs and requirements. This study aims to enable cloud customers the ability to quantify their security requirements in order to identify critical areas in PaaS cloud architectures were security provisions offered by CSPs could be assessed. With the use of an adaptive security mapping matrix, the study uses a quantitative approach to presents findings of numeric data that shows critical architectures within the PaaS environment where security can be evaluated and security controls assessed to meet these security requirements. The matrix can be adapted across different types of PaaS cloud models based on individual security requirements and service level objectives identified by PaaS cloud customers.

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