Visible to the public A precise low-temperature measurement system for conduction cooling Nb3Al superconducting magnet

TitleA precise low-temperature measurement system for conduction cooling Nb3Al superconducting magnet
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsChuan, C., Zhiming, B., Bin, Y., Hongfei, Z.
Conference NameThe 27th Chinese Control and Decision Conference (2015 CCDC)
Date Publishedmay
ISBN Number978-1-4799-7017-9
KeywordsC8051 Micro Controller Unit, C8051 Microcontroller, conduction cooling Nb3Al superconducting magnet, Cooling, Current measurement, data acquisition, digital filter program, Electrical resistance measurement, fusion reactor instrumentation, location points, modified weighted average algorithm, NbTi noninsulation superconducting magnet model, plasma toroidal confinement, Platinum resistance thermometer, precise low-temperature measurement system, Precise Temperature Measurement, process, pubcrawl170106, Resistance, Superconducting Magnet, superconducting magnets, Temperature measurement, Temperature sensors, Tokamak devices, Weighted Average algorithm

The precise measurement of temperature is very important to the security and stability of the operation for a superconducting magnet. A slight fluctuation in the operating temperature may cause a superconducting magnet unstable. This paper presents a low-temperature measurement system based on C8051 Micro Controller Unit and Platinum resistance thermometer. In the process of data acquisition, a modified weighted average algorithm is applied to the digital filter program of the micro controller unit. The noise can be effectively reduced and can measure temperature of three different location points simultaneously, and there is no the interference among the three channels. The designed system could measure the temperature from 400 K to 4.0 K with a resolution of 1 mK. This system will be applied in a conduction cooling Nb3Al superconducting magnet. In order to certify the feasibility of the system, tests are performed in a small NbTi non-insulation superconducting magnet model. The results show that the measurement system is reliable and the measured temperature is accurate.

Citation Keychuan_precise_2015