Visible to the public Risk-based DC security assessment for future DC-independent system operator

TitleRisk-based DC security assessment for future DC-independent system operator
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsGonzalez-Longatt, F., Carmona-Delgado, C., Riquelme, J., Burgos, M., Rueda, J. L.
Conference Name2015 International Conference on Energy Economics and Environment (ICEEE)
Date Publishedmar
Keywordscomponent risk, DC-independent system operator, DC-ISO, Fuzy, fuzzy inference system, fuzzy reasoning, fuzzy set theory, HVDC, HVDC power transmission, HVDC transmission, Indexes, Load flow, multiterminal HVDC, multiterminal HVDC system, offshore wind, power engineering computing, power system security, probabilistic approach, Probabilistic logic, probability, pubcrawl170107, pubcrawl170108, randomness, risk, risk assessment tools, risk-based DC security assessment, risk-based static security assessment methodology, security, security assessment, Uncertainty, Voltage control, wind power, wind power plants, wind speed variability

The use of multi-terminal HVDC to integrate wind power coming from the North Sea opens de door for a new transmission system model, the DC-Independent System Operator (DC-ISO). DC-ISO will face highly stressed and varying conditions that requires new risk assessment tools to ensure security of supply. This paper proposes a novel risk-based static security assessment methodology named risk-based DC security assessment (RB-DCSA). It combines a probabilistic approach to include uncertainties and a fuzzy inference system to quantify the systemic and individual component risk associated with operational scenarios considering uncertainties. The proposed methodology is illustrated using a multi-terminal HVDC system where the variability of wind speed at the offshore wind is included.

Citation Keygonzalez-longatt_risk-based_2015