Visible to the public Code based community network for identifying low risk community

TitleCode based community network for identifying low risk community
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsSaravanan, S., Sabari, A., Geetha, M., priyanka, Q.
Conference Name2015 IEEE 9th International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Control (ISCO)
Date Publishedjan
Keywordsbalancing conundrum, boulevard network centers, Cities and towns, Code based Community, code based community network, cost, distance, Fuzzy inference process, fuzzy set theory, fuzzy technique, Inference algorithms, low risk cities, low risk community, pubcrawl170107, pubcrawl170108, risk factor, road network, road safety, road traffic, Routing, safe routing, Safety, security, time, travelling, vehicle routing

The modern day approach in boulevard network centers on efficient factor in safe routing. The safe routing must follow up the low risk cities. The troubles in routing are a perennial one confronting people day in and day out. The common goal of everyone using a boulevard seems to be reaching the desired point through the fastest manner which involves the balancing conundrum of multiple expected and unexpected influencing factors such as time, distance, security and cost. It is universal knowledge that travelling is an almost inherent aspect in everyone's daily routine. With the gigantic and complex road network of a modern city or country, finding a low risk community for traversing the distance is not easy to achieve. This paper follows the code based community for detecting the boulevard network and fuzzy technique for identifying low risk community.

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