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Call for Participation for CPS Summer School 2017

Coordinated by INTO-CPS, CPSE Labs, MPM4CPS, ACOSAR and AMASS

Held at "Lucian Blaga" University of Sibiu, Romania

3rd - 7th July 2017


----------------- Summer School Overview ------------------

Cyber physical systems, composed of physical systems,

software systems and potentially other types of systems,

are increasingly prevalent in society. CPSs have the

potential to bring about significant social benefits,

however bring a number of engineering challenges.

The CPS summer school is targeted at research scientists

and students, and R&D experts from industry, who want to

learn about advances in CPS engineering.

A program of briefings, tutorials and hands-on sessions

will be delivered by industry experts and leading

researchers in CPS from the INTO-CPS, CPSE Labs,

AMASS and ACOSAR EU projects and the MPM4CPS

EU COST Action. Participants will have the opportunity

to tailor their attendance of lectures, tutorials and to

their own interest.

----------------------- Registration ----------------------

For more information, and to register, visit:

Please note that registration is free, but you must pay for

your own travel and accommodation.

-- Registration Deadline: 28 April 2017 --

------------------------ The Week -------------------------

-- Day 1

Day 1 focuses on the industrial application of

multidisciplinary, collaborative model-based CPS

engineering, with many opportunities for networking. The

collection of industry briefings are shown below.

-- Days 2-3

Expert speakers from EU project consortia provide insights

into state of the art modelling and analysis techniques

for cross-disciplinary CPS engineering. See below for the

list of tutorials.

-- Days 4-5

The week finishes with practical training, giving an

opportunity to use new tools and methods for modelling and

analysing CPSs, including many of the technologies

introduced in the tutorials.

----------------- Participation Options -------------------

1-day: Day 1; with high-level understanding of CPS

technologies and modelling approaches.

3-day: Days 1-3; learn about CPSs at a high-level and attend

a collection of tutorials for more in depth knowledge on

selected methods and technologies.

5-day: Days 1-5; the overview and tutorials, plus

participants have hands-on experience with various CPS


------------------ Industry Briefings ---------------------

* INTO-CPS industry studies in the Building Automation


- United Technologies

* INTO-CPS industry studies in the Agriculture Domain

- Agro Intelligence

* INTO-CPS industry studies in the Automotive Domain


* INTO-CPS industry studies in the Railway Domain

- ClearSy

* iPP4CPPS: Integrated Product-Production co-simulation

for Cyber-Physical Production Systems

- Continental Automotive Romania

* Challenges and Trends in Co-Simulation

- Virtual Vehicle

* Test Optimization of Cyber Physical System Product


- Mondragon Unibertsitatea

* Co-Simulation of Distributed Engine Control System

with Maritime Engine Physics

- MAN Diesel & Turbo

-------------------- Tutorial Topics ----------------------

* Introduction to Discrete Event Modelling using VDM Real


- Aarhus University

* Introduction to Object Oriented Modeling, Simulation &

Debugging with Modelica using OpenModelica

- Linkoping University

* Introduction to Continuous Time Modelling with 20-sim

- Controllab Products

* Introduction to CPS Architectural Modelling with Modelio

- Softteam

* Design Space Exploration for Cyber-Physical Systems

- Newcastle University

* Mechanised proof support for CPS

- University of York

* Modelling Distributed Industrial Control Systems with

Eclipse 4diac

- fortiss

* Multi-Paradigm Modelling for Cyber-Physical Systems

- University of Antwerp

* SMT-based model checking of CPS


* Transferring best practice safety analysis methods from

automotive and aerospace to maritime


-------------------- Contact Details ----------------------

For more information, please contact:

-Summer School Coordinator

Richard Payne,

-INTO-CPS Coordinator

Peter Gorm Larsen,

Peter Gorm Larsen

Professor, PhD (head of software engineering)

Telephone: +45 41 89 32 60


Aarhus University, Department of Engineering, Finlandsgade 22, DK-8200 Aarhus N, Phone: +45 41893000