Visible to the public An evolutionary game-theoretic framework for cyber-threat information sharing

TitleAn evolutionary game-theoretic framework for cyber-threat information sharing
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsTosh, D., Sengupta, S., Kamhoua, C., Kwiat, K., Martin, A.
Conference Name2015 IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC)
Keywordsacademia, collaborative effort, combat cyber attacks, computer security, cyber crimes, cyber threat information sharing, cybersecurity, cybersecurity information exchange, CYBEX, CYBEX framework, ESS, evolutionary computation, evolutionary game theoretic framework, evolutionary game theoretic strategy, Evolutionary Game Theory, evolutionary stable strategy, federal institutions, game theory, Games, Incentive Model, Information management, information sharing, Investment, military agencies, pubcrawl170109, security of data, self-enforced evolutionary stability, Sociology, spanning industry, Statistics

The initiative to protect against future cyber crimes requires a collaborative effort from all types of agencies spanning industry, academia, federal institutions, and military agencies. Therefore, a Cybersecurity Information Exchange (CYBEX) framework is required to facilitate breach/patch related information sharing among the participants (firms) to combat cyber attacks. In this paper, we formulate a non-cooperative cybersecurity information sharing game that can guide: (i) the firms (players)1 to independently decide whether to "participate in CYBEX and share" or not; (ii) the CYBEX framework to utilize the participation cost dynamically as incentive (to attract firms toward self-enforced sharing) and as a charge (to increase revenue). We analyze the game from an evolutionary game-theoretic strategy and determine the conditions under which the players' self-enforced evolutionary stability can be achieved. We present a distributed learning heuristic to attain the evolutionary stable strategy (ESS) under various conditions. We also show how CYBEX can wisely vary its pricing for participation to increase sharing as well as its own revenue, eventually evolving toward a win-win situation.

Citation Keytosh_evolutionary_2015